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K. Jayakumar, I.A.S. - Jury Sugathakumari - Jury Kavalam Sreekumar - Jury Manampur Rajanbabu - Jury
Savithri Rajeevan - Jury

Malayalam literature will ever be thankful to Kairali TV for the bold step taken to air a reality show in poetry, where the bygone generation of great poets as well as poets of the present generation are remembered. It is wonderful to watch young people, mostly students recite the poems with an ease and expression of emotion that we can rest assured that our language is in safe hands. The producer is Sumith Nath and script of the program is done by Dr. Mini Nair. The proprietors of Sreedhariyam Sumangala deserve praise for sponsoring the  'Mampazham'.

Although we would have loved to give more details of this program, we are at present restricted in space to give only those of Mahakavi Edasseri Govindan Nair, whose many poems have been rendered in Mampazham.
We are thankful to the Jury, Sri. K. Jayakumar, I.A.S., Smt. Sugathakumari, Sri. Kavalam Sreekumar, N. Prabha Varma, Smt. Savithri Rajeevan, Smt. Jyothibai Paridath, Sri. Madhusoodanan Nair, Sri. Manampur Rajanbabu, Alankode Leelakrishnan, Smt. Rosemary,  and Murukan Kattakkada, who themselves are well-known poets of our time, take extreme pains to impart knowledge about poetry to these young minds, and to the millions who watch Kairali TV program  'Mampazham'. The orchestra is doing a good job of catching up with the recitation, although it is a difficult job. 

The Young Ones Recite Edasseri Poems
in Kairali TV "Mampazham" Show.
Alankode Leelakrishnan - Jury
Rosemary - Jury N. Prabha Varma - Jury
Sri. Madhusoodanan Nair, Jury Jyothibai Pariyadath